Which is the Best Onion Dicer?

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Looking for the best onion dicer, but not sure which one to really pick, out of tons of models in the market? Well, women simply love to have the best kitchen appliances for daily cooking. They normally do not settle for something that they don’t like. Buying a simple kitchen appliance like onion dicer can also be tricky, if you ask them… And, if you’re a husband who’s trying to do it on his own, they you need to be extremely careful, as they need the sharpest and the fastest dicer, which helps them in chopping the onions without tears. Here we present a small list of some of the best onion dicers that can be purchased online. They are reasonably priced and are offer great value for money.

1. Alligator AG1 Onion / Vegetable Dicer

The razor sharp edges of the dicer helps in getting the perfectly cut onion slices. Along with onions you can dice carrots, celery, cucumbers, potatoes etc.

You cut your onions and vegetable in no time and that too without shedding those tears. Sturdy plastic and stainless steel make the product strong and durable. Priced at just $17.45, this onion dicer can be purchased from Amazon .

2. Progressive International Onion Chopper

This one dices onions in a single swift and you’ll have your onions sliced before you know it!

It also reduces the irritating onion vapors to minimize tears. The package also includes cleaning tool. The product is quite affordable at $14.09 and can be ordered from Amazon.

3. Norpro Big Mouth Chopper, Slicer

This multipurpose chopper cum slicer comes with 3 interchangeable cutting grids and storing lid. The blades are made of strong stainless steel. Along with onions you can chop or slice almost any vegetable with this product. You pay $39.99 for this versatile dicer. Order the product from Amazon.

4. Vidalia Chop Wizard

This is probably one of the swiftest, and the best onion dicers in the market. You can chop onions, vegetables, cheese in just half of the time you would take otherwise. Included in the package are 2 sharp insert discs for perfect dicing and chopping.

You can order this cool dicer for just $23 .


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