How to Cook Spinach Salad

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Spinach is one among the most nutritious green leafy vegetable available around. It’s full of vital nutrients like beta-carotene and iron. It’s known to be full of beta-carotene, iron, vitamins and minerals, folic acid, calcium and fiber. There are also a lot of health benefits that can be obtained from it. Diabetics for example can benefit a lot from spinach because it’s known to stabilize blood-sugar levels. Aside from this, it also helps in slowing down the aging process. The health benefits which can be obtained from spinach are endless.

There are many methods to prepare spinach where you would fully enjoy the dish and benefit from its nutrients at the same time. Some people experiment by combining the different methods below. Either way you do it, spinach will always be healthy and will always be great for you. Here are the different ways to cook spinach.

  1. Blanched. Blanching is one common ways of cooking spinach. To do this, you just need to boil some water then drop the spinach. Blanching should take just about a minute, just enough for it to get cooked without losing its crispiness. One tip though, dip it in cold water. This would stop the spinach from cooking some more after you remove it from the boiling water.
  2. Steamed. This would be quite easy with a vegetable steamer so that you can easily control the freshness, crispiness and cooking time of the spinach. Otherwise, you can do it manually and steam it for just about 2 minutes for every pound where the leaves would become wilted but still obtain a bright-green colour. But this is depending on your preference. You can steam it for a longer period if want it more cooked. For steamed spinach, they go perfectly well with most chicken and meat dishes.
  3. Fried. Frying may not be the best example when it comes to preparing spinach because this method would cook out most of the nutrients in it, but many have claimed of its tastiness. Frying it crisp in vegetable oil makes a very delicious appetizer especially when served with the right dip. But even a simple dip like mayonnaise would work great. To make frying spinach more appealing, you can also add fresh garlic along with pepper and salt to taste. Adding ginger to the garlic and spinach mix is also worth trying.
  4. Sautéed. This is especially great when preparing spinach as a side dish. To sauté, a few ingredients are needed such as garlic, butter, extra-virgin olive oil, kosher salt, ground black pepper, tomatoes, etc. This usually takes only a few minutes to prepare. Most recipes involving sautéed spinach are very simple and quick to make.

There are also other methods in preparing spinach without any cooking involved. For salads, spinach makes such an excellent base. Some would even say that it’s much better compared to lettuce. Still, if you do opt to cook spinach, you can also try to chop it and add to an omelette. It also works great if served as part of any ravioli dish.

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