Types and Uses of Garden Netting

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Gardening is not only a great hobby for people of all ages. It is a great activity to relax and get in touch with nature. For children, this is a good way to learn about patience and how to care for the environment. Adults often find gardening is a way to relax and remove themselves from all the daily stressors of their lives and also to spend some quality time with their kids. A lot of doctors also recommend gardening as a kind of therapy for those people with degenerative diseases.

However, maintaining the beauty of a garden and getting a bountiful harvest is not that easy. With all the different kinds of pest trying to feast on your garden and the other types of problems that may occur, you will definitely need the help of some garden tools. A simple yet useful addition to your garden is garden netting. There many different types of netting to choose from depending on what you are using them for.

One of the most common types and uses of a garden net is garden pest netting. This is used as a safer and more economical alternative than using chemical pesticides which can even be harmful to your plants, as well as the environment and your health. Garden pest netting are ideal to use to keep annoying pests such as insects, birds and even some mammals from causing damage to your plants and produce.

Another type of garden netting is the garden trellis netting. This is a type of support used for plants that grow vertically like for example tomatoes, peas, grapes and morning glories. These garden trellis netting are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the plants and also their fruits. They are also great to be used in order to maximize space in gardens that have do not have that much room for plants to grow.

Aside from the uses and types of garden netting mentioned above, there are still many more ways to make use of them to make gardening much more enjoyable experience, from protecting your blueberry bushes from the birds to keeping your backyard chickens out of your vegetable garden. They can easily be installed in your garden because they are lightweight and can blend in with the foliage so that you will barely notice that they are there. Keeping your garden beautiful and the plants in it healthy is made easier when using garden netting.


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