Ideas for Decorative Landscape Edging

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The majority of landscape edging products are intended to serve a practical and useful purpose. They may not be pretty, but they are functional.

But what about switching to a different type of landscape edging that serves many of the same functions, but does it with beauty, style and grace? That’s the advantage offered by decorative landscape edging. Here are some beautiful ideas to consider:


Cast-iron edging has been used to decorate gardens all over the world ever since blacksmiths learned how to forge it in their coal-fired foundries. It recalls the days of times gone by, when things were built to last and beauty was an intrinsic part of their design.

Cast iron is designed to last a lifetime. It’s hard to think of a better choice to enhance the beauty of your landscape beds.

Willow Twigs

Garden edging made from willow tree twigs can be found in a multitude of European gardens, where it is very popular. Especially for Anglophiles, it’s a great choice for re-creating the charm in formal style of an authentic English garden. Willow is a material that is graceful, pliable and durable. It’s a great way to define borders between walkways, flowerbeds, lawns and gardens. And since it is a natural wood, it blends right into the rest of your garden with ease.

Other Wooden Borders

Wooden borders can be more formal too, such as the decorative bamboo edging pictured above, a simple log border, or these split cedar logs:

Dwarf Flowers
One of the most effective landscape edging ideas is also the most often overlooked.

You can use dwarf plants and flowers as living garden edging around the borders of your landscaped beds. You can use any type of flower, as long as it is a dwarf variety and it has the characteristic of growing in mounds. Rocky Mountain Zinnia is a great example, as are Mediterranean Seaside Daisies.

Other decorative garden borders include patterned paving; low picket fences; using a row of pots with flowers, herbs or other attractive, low shrubs; decorative log landscape edging, whether upright or long logs; or using a strip of non-invasive herbs.

We hope that these decorative garden border and edging ideas will inspire you to go out and give your garden beds a lift with a fresh new look.


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