Floriography – The Language Of Flowers

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Sending flowers has not gone out of fashion even in our digital age. Giving someone else flowers is one way for people to express their emotions. You can express your gratitude or your love and affection for someone by giving flowers. But different flowers do not all send same message. Different colors of flower have different meanings for example. Floriography is the name that is given to the language of flowers, it dates back to the Victorian era, when people were not allowed to express romantic feelings verbally or publicly. So one way they could express their feelings was by using flowers and different flower arrangements.

The color is hugely important as one variety of flower can project different meanings depending on what color it is. Even though floriography isn’t followed as much these days the meanings of certain flowers is still recognised. For instance the one that everyone will know, red roses, symbolize romantic love; this is why they are given on Valentines Day. A bouquet of red roses tells of someone’s deep passion. While a white rose will signify purity, innocence and unity in marriage. You can also use white roses to express sympathy. Yellow roses are normally used to show friendship, joy, new beginnings and happiness. Unlike like other roses they don’t convey the same deep emotions.

Instead of just buying any flowers, without knowing their meaning, would it not be a better idea to learn a little about floriography so that you can give your flowers some more, deeper meaning? If you would like to be able to express your feeling through your flowers you will want to know what flowers to send. Don’t give flowers just because the price is right. It is possible to make them a lot more special simply by knowing, and sharing, the meaning behind the flowers you send. If you are sending flowers to someone who doesn’t know the meaning of them, all you need to do is to send a little card with the flowers to explain your choice. This can make your gift more meaningful, not only in the obvious sense, but because the recipient will see the extra trouble you have taken to choose the flowers – not just picking the bunch that happened to be at the right price point.

Paying attention to small details and observing rituals and traditions can be a way of injecting greater meaning into life and into your relationships. Although some people negate the value of flowers given, saying they will only die anyway, the fact is that the symbolism of the gift can be more important and more effective than the actual physcial presence of the flowers. Which is also why buying the biggest, most expensive bunch may not be as effective as choosing a single, meaningful flower or simple arrangement, where the meaning is explained. At the same time, a bunch of flowers can brighten someone’s life for several days, giving them joy and a sense of being valued and cared for, each time their glance falls on your gift. That’s not to say you can’t choose to give a live plant instead, but make sure you choose it for someone who will appreciate and care for it, and make sure that you still take note of the symbolism of that particular plant and it’s flowers.


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