Garden Windmills Add Charm To Outdoor Settings

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Garden windmills add charm to your garden decor. From old-fashioned cottage gardens to more stylized, modern backyards, all outdoor settings around the home can benefit from the addition of a windmill. The huge array of styles and designs makes it easy to find the one that is right for your setting.

Wooden Classical Old Dutch Windmill Garden Art

Dutch windmills may be the best known of them all. Rows of brightly colored tulips in Holland looked over by a picturesque windmill come readily to mind. Smaller versions of these historical structures are available for today’s gardener. The traditional material is wood which can be left to weather naturally or painted to tie in with the particular look of your yard and home.

Another popular windmill for the yard is the tower version. Sturdy aluminum comprises many of these windmills. Almost totally maintenance free, they can be purchased readymade or in kits for the Do It Yourself. They are easy to assemble and to place.

On the Internet you can find instructions for designing and building the perfect backyard structure. You can also find plans and materials to make your own solar powered model. Another good source for browsing and buying is your local home improvement store.

Pinwheel styles come in many colors. You can also find these wonderful yard decorations that show up the colors and mascots of favorite sports teams. If NASCAR or other racing is your favorite, you can find a windmill that celebrates that sport.

In considering any major decoration for the yard or garden, from windmills to wooden benches or vegetable planters, first decide the best location. Next, think about the appropriate size. Finally, consider which design will add the most life and beauty.

Also,wooden garden windmills can add just the right touch to your home’s exterior.  With so many varieties available, you are sure to find just the right one for your garden or yard. You can look forward to many years of enjoyment.


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