Are Cheap Outdoor Lights a Good Idea?

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The buying and fitting of exterior lights has grown to be popular with home owners hoping to extend their use of their gardens and outside spaces. Well designed lighting can make your garden look fantastic as well as adding functionality. It can however quickly become expensive and for many it is essential to attempt to find bargain exterior lights. This can have a few problems if not addressed the right way.

You can get two sorts of cheap lighting products:

Cheap . . . because they are made in huge amounts and built from bad quality materials.

Affordable . . . because, for any number of reasons, they are good quality but simply for sale at lower than normal prices.

You need to buy the second option – the affordable type. Mass produced poor quality, cheap garden lights might appear to be a tempting deal but consider a few facts. Lighting made out of cheaper plastic or materials which will quickly corrode, will just not keep working any length of time. You may be changing these products after a handful of years and will have to buy more. Remember that outdoor lighting fixtures will be subjected to the elements all year round and need to resist corrosion.

Give thought to basic safety standards. A lot of these cheap outside lighting fixtures you see may have been imported from places with no regulation of the safety of electrical items. Look for the labels along with any paperwork, if you find zero mention of basic safety material – think about another product. Electricity, specifically when employed in the garden can be fatal. Never jeopardize your well being just to save a little money. Safety first!

One way to find good affordable lighting is to search for lighting fixtures that are on special offer. You can often find good quality lighting reduced to clear – often as new products come in to the stores. Request any ex display stock, as well as things with defective packaging – sometimes called seconds. You shouldn’t be afraid to spell out that you need to work with a limited budget and good sales assistants will work with you in order to secure a sale. Do not be afraid to barter in these challenging economic times.

Various online sources can be great for quickly and easily finding that deal. Online websites such as E bay sell used and new stock, and you can often buy in bulk for extra savings. Use the search features to find things quickly, it certainly beats going from store to store on the high street.

Remember to stick to safe quality products. Finding a great bargain will be better than just buying cheap outside lights and never risk your safety to save a few dollars. Short term savings can often lead to long term costs, if you are not smart.


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