Add a Satsuki Bonsai Tree to Your Home Garden

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What Is A Satsuki Bonsai?

Satsuki Azaleas are probably one of the most loved trees for bonsai enthusiasts to grow. They grow flowers every year, and when they do, they are truly beautiful. Even when they are not flowering, they are still a marvel to look at.

Indoor or Outdoor?

They are generally outdoor trees but they can be put indoors for a few days during their flowering season. For 11 months they remain flowerless and that is when most growth occurs. They have been cultivated in Japan for some 300 years and and many varieties have been developed by cross breeding with other varieties of Satsuki. This has resulted in a multitude of flower colors and patterns.

Some of the flower colors include single white, colored center with white edges, white center with colored edges, striped, half and half and flecked colors.

When they are not flowering, they show quick growth and have a surprisingly strong ability to withstand shaping and pruning making it easier to cultivate and mold them in an attractive fashion. Although they show tremendous adaptation to twisting and bending, satsuki azaleas are sensitive to environmental factors.

Here’s an important note about bonsai watering: they are known to be Lime haters, which is a potential problem since our household water has considerable lime in it that could damage the integrity of the tree. For this reason, rain water may be best if you want to take extra care of your azaleas.

Another possible problem for satsuki azaleas is water logging. It has no problem with cold weather, but water logging can cause the plant to weaken and be sickly. So it is best to make sure that there is unhindered air movement around them.

The rewards to having a satsuki bonsai tree be a part of your garden…

Bonsai trees are usually a product of patience and hard work for the enthusiast, who is rewarded with how beautifully the trees grow in time. With flowering trees like satsuki azalea, the rewards are more scintillating as they get to see colorful display of flowers every year. If you are a budding bonsai enthusiast, you might want to check out a satsuki azalea, who knows this might be the perfect tree for you.


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