Garden Shade Sail – A Must-Have for Every Home

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A garden shade sail is a type of shade sail that not only provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays, but also adds an aesthetic effect to any garden that no other patio cover could. These shade sails can give an entirely different ambience to your garden or patio.

Shade sails were originally intended to lessen the heat experienced by Australians during summer season. Since large regions of the ‘Land Down Under’ are desert areas, temperatures can soar, just like they do in the Southwest part of the United States. As a result, shade sails have become important commodities.

It’s the same principle when it comes to garden shade sails. These sails not only make people enjoy their outdoor living spaces, but they boost the look of any garden or outdoor leisure area. Aside from its protective and aesthetic benefits, there are other reasons why a garden shade sail is a must-have for every home:

  1. It blocks the sun, but still keeps the fun. Research shows that a quality garden shade sail can block about 90 % of the sun’s rays. However, unlike enclosed structures like awnings and patio roofs, garden shades still allow air circulation, making the air beneath the fabric cooler. This makes people feel comfortable even at noon when the sun is at its highest and brightest.
    Moreover, fragile as shade sails may seem, but they’re actually made of strong fabric, designed to withstand any weather condition. Shade sail fabric can either be armed with UV protection to block the harmful rays of the sun, or waterproof to resist rainwater. However, since the material allows air flow, people are not only protected, but are also allowed to enjoy the cool breeze outdoors.
  2. It livens up your garden. If you’re thinking of how to liven up your outdoor living space, then a modern garden shade sail might just do the trick. Yes, most shade sails look simple and are mono-toned. But mix and match these sails, arrange them in overlapping layouts and varying heights, and you’d be surprised at how well they add artistic flair to your patio or garden. This is recommended for those who have outdoor spaces that are too big to be protected by a single sail. Popular color choices are beige, green, and grey.
    After installing the sails, then you can plan your garden furnishings in a way that they compliment well with the shade sails. Attaching the sails to the posts can create smooth curves that will outline the polygonal shapes of the fabrics against the bright sky.
  3. They help you stay in budget without breaking a sweat. Garden shade sails are one of the most pocket-friendly outdoor structures that you can get for your patio or garden. First off, garden sails can last for up to five years or more due to the unique material used in their creation. This means that the money you spent for getting one is spread out for a 5-year guaranteed worth of usage.
    Second, since installation of garden sails is pretty easy, carpentry work is not required. This means that you don’t have to hire an entire team of carpenters to do the work for you. Just a couple of people can do the installation process, by attaching the sails’ corners to some firmly planted poles or strong established trees. You do need solid structures as the wind can create quite a powerful force with your sale. It is not recommended that you attach them to your home directly.
    Third, maintenance is not a particularly pricey or arduous process. Just a yearly mild washing of the sail is enough to maintain its surface vibrant and clean.

Consumers nowadays prefer function and beauty in a price that’s reasonable and pocket-friendly. That’s why when it comes to outdoor comfort, people are now turning to garden shade sails. They’re definitely must-have item for every back yard.


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