Applying Orchid Fertilizer Safely for Good Plant Health

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Using a specialist orchid fertilizer is often a good boost for your orchid flowers. However if not applied correctly fertilizer can seriously damage them, perhaps even causing their death. Orchid flowers can be hugely vulnerable to fertilizer if applied in the incorrect levels.  Additional care has to be taken for you to reduce the risk of any problems. Here are some tips to get you started on the appropriate way of using orchid plant foods, or even plant foods generally:

Always remember to at all times add fertilizers in the ideal amount for the correct time of the season. Orchids get good growth spurts where by they will quickly create sprays of wonderful flowers. It is during this time period that orchid flowers use a large amount of energy, so this is a great time to make the plant food applications more regular. I suggest you increase the frequency of feeds instead of the level of the food.

Keep clear of plant foods that may contain the compound named urea. Urea is really a particular no go element, orchids will not take it. Lots of general type fertilizers used for plants or flowers include urea, so take care. Terrestrial plants and Aerial plants have very different requirements. Check your fertilizer box thoroughly for any mention of urea.

Plenty of people apply liquid fertilizers to improve orchid health and promote strong growth because this is a simple and manageable system. Having a spray bottle and water dissolved fertilizers is the ideal path to take whenever feeding your plants. Only use a reduced rate any plant food that you’ll be putting on to orchids. Try to make sure that your plants have got satisfactory water drainage, specifically in the growing period if you will likely be putting on liquid feed continually. The salts and nutrient deposits from the fertilizer should be drained in order to avoid ‘burns’ taking place. This is called flushing and just means flooding the compost with water every now and then to wash out the excess deposits which often build up in the compost. Decent drainage is crucial and will help to keep a healthy root system. Do not be afraid of using orchid fertilizer, it can make a huge difference to the flowers. Just follow these tips and remember that orchids will not die with too little fertilizer.


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