Growing Hydroponic Fruit In An Indoor Hydroponic Garden

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Growing hydroponic fruit is a great idea, it’s delicious, will save you money having to buy fruit from the store and if you grow a lot you can even make a tidy profit!

To build an indoor hydroponic garden you’ll first have to invest in a few things here and there and spend a little bit of time researching how it’s done first.

The first thing you will have to do is decide on a hydroponic system. In total there are six systems. They differ by how nutrients are delivered to the roots. The system you use should depend on exactly what fruit you’re growing. For fruits that don’t need much water and nutrients, you could go for a wick system. Or for those more thirsty fruits, you should opt for an ebb and flow or NFT system. After you’ve decided upon a system then you can consider everything else to help your fruit grow especially fast and large.

Get some grow lights. Grow lights are fantastic and they really make the difference for your fruits. They help the photosynthesis process along, speeding up the plants ability to grow. As well as that, they provide extra warmth which plants love. You’ll be able to give the ideal warmth and amount of light that’s specific to the fruits you’re growing.

With hydroponics we can keep a real close eye on the little details, such as pH level. Make sure your nutrient solution is within the ideal levels for what you’re growing. I suggest you check with a good pH reader every two days.

You should also consider CO2 content. All plants thrive on CO2. This of course comes naturally in the atmosphere but only in very small amounts. By leaving a big pile of dung in the corner of your grow room, you can give your plants a much needed extra boost. No joke!

You ca even get a hydroponic grow tent and keep your entire system within the tent. This will enable you to more closely monitor and alter your growing conditions such as light, temperature, humidity and of course CO2.


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