Garden Carts – The Indispensable Helping Hands Around Gardens

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Garden Carts are 2/3-wheeled carriages or trolleys, each fitted with a trough and handle. They are designed to carry around plant saplings, soil, manure and other small gardening implements. A garden cart, also referred to as a garden wagon, is an indispensable item for setting up, maintaining, and redesigning gardens. These carts are used by both experienced gardeners, and those to whom gardening is a hobby. They can also be used for a number of other tasks outside the home.

Multiple Benefits
Reducing the physically-exhausting efforts associated with daily or frequent gardening tasks, is the primary benefit offered by garden trolleys. They also significantly reduce the need for frequent to and fro movement around the garden, as gardeners can use them to move garden stuff or for storage. A garden cart also comes handy for storing small garage tools, or as a backup trolley to move items which are a little larger and heavier.

Several Options
Wooden Carts – Although more expensive than the rest, wooden garden carts are relatively lighter and more durable. If well maintained, they will deliver many years of service. Many wooden garden cart models come in rustic, country-styled designs that give a homey look and feel to any garden. Wooden carts have been around for decades and are among the oldest types used by garden lovers.
Plastic Carts – These are made of tough, heavy-duty, weather-resistant plastic materials. They are ideal for carrying or storing heavy items.
Metal Carts – Metal-made garden wagons are the most widely used option today. They are extremely durable and can also be used to carry or store heavy stuff.

Price Range
Depending on size, material and features, the price of a garden cart can range from a mere $35 for a basic model, to over $700 for a sophisticated, high-quality model. However, models priced between $200 and $250 is recommended. They are just as strong and durable as their pricier counterparts, and perform equally well in gardens of any size, design and complexity.

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