Protecting Plants With Garden Fleece

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Garden fleece is a special gardening tool and its main purpose is to keep plants warm while protecting them from harsh weather conditions. The thickness of an average sheet of garden fleece is going to be about 18G. For individuals who are dealing with Alaska types of weather conditions there is the 30G version of garden fleece. A lot of gardeners want to protect their shrubs and trees from the weather as well. A 60G version of garden fleece is available to protect shrubs and trees from harsh weather. A reinforced edge is what comes with some types of garden fleece.

This special edge makes securing the fleece to the ground a much easier task. All garden fleeces must be pegged on all of its edges. This will ensure the fleece does not blow away as the result of strong winds. Pronged pegs work perfect for securing it to the ground. Purchasing garden fleece as opposed to some other knock-off is very smart because it can be washed and reused. Using some detergent and low temperature water garden fleece can be washed allowing it to be used over and over again. A green version of garden fleece is what is used by some gardeners and it works great for insulating greenhouses or offering shades for plants.

This type of fleece is much heavier but it does not cause condensation problems even though it is heavier. For larger plants that normal garden fleece will not cover properly there are special jackets made of garden fleece that actually zip up. These work great for larger plants that are vulnerable to harsh weather. For those individuals who need some really heavy duty stuff there is garden fleece that comes in a 100G thickness. This type of fleece is obviously going to be much more expensive but it can really get the job done in harsh environments.

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