How to Grow Potatoes in Pots or Grow Bags

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With grow bags and container gardening, growing potatoes has never been easier. With these two great options, even apartment dwellers and those with little space can grow a great crop of potatoes with very little effort. No matter what your gardening skill level is, if you follow these instructions and tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying a great crop of potatoes.

What are grow bags?

Grow or growing bags are a newer tool in gardening that many environmentally conscious people are using. These grow bags are made of a heavy-duty fabric that allows for easy growing in any space or condition. These bags come in different sizes and shapes. The bags can be placed on any surface, from a deck or patio, to a garden area. Many people prefer this type of growing bag because they don’t have to worry about digging up their yard to make a garden. It is just a much simpler method of growing.

Container gardening is the newest rage

Everyone loves fresh garden vegetables and fruits, but not everyone has the ability to make a garden. Container gardening solves this issue by allowing any space to hold a garden. People make container gardens on their porches, decks, and even in their flower beds. Most types of containers can be used. You can use plastic, terracotta, and even wood containers. The only requirement for container gardening is to make sure that your container has drainage holes so that water does not rot the roots of your plants.

It all begins with choosing your containers

It is up to you what method you choose to grow your potatoes. Growing bags appear to be the best choice for potatoes because you get a larger yield than with ground planting. Today, people grow potatoes in all sorts of containers such as barrels, bags, and pots. The choice will really depend on your space options. Once you have your containers, you will need to choose your soil.

Choose the right soil for your potatoes

You will need to make sure that your potting soil has a good fertilizer included. If your soil does not contain fertilizer, you will need to mix this in. You can empty your soil bags into a wheelbarrow or a barrel; this will allow for you to mix and prepare your soil for planting. Mix in your fertilizer and some water to get the potting soil moistened well. Make sure to break up any clods of dirt so that the soil flows freely between your fingers.

Choosing your potatoes for planting is easy

Most potato varieties grow well in both growing bags and containers. For the best results, you will need to make sure that you have seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are generally smaller than a normal potato and are grown for their disease-resistance. You can plant your own potatoes from the grocery store, but you are likely to get a better crop from a seed potato. If your potato is small, you can plant it in the soil as is. If your potato is larger, you can cut it into chunks no larger than a small lime. Each chunk will need to have 1 – 2 ‘eyes’, or buds.

Planting your potatoes is simple

Fill each growing bag or container with about 4 – 5 inches of moistened potting soil. Then place your potato cuttings or whole small potatoes on the soil surface, making sure to space them out and not crowd the container or bag. Don’t plant more than 4 – 5 in one container. Once you have placed your potatoes into the container, you should cover the potatoes with about 3 – 4 inches of moistened potting soil.

Caring for your potato plants is the key to a large production

Be sure to water your plants regularly to avoid problems with your plantings. You will also need to add more soil as your plants get larger. Once they have reached between 8 and 9 inches of height, you will need to add more soil. After another 5 inches, again add more soil. This may bury some of the leaf stems, but this will help to produce more potatoes, as they become roots. It is also important to watch your potato plants for bugs and other pests that can quickly kill them. You can sprinkle your potato plants with Sevin Dust to repel potato beetles and other pests.

Harvest time

If you take proper care of your potato plants, you will see rapid growth and flowering occur throughout the season. As the season comes to an end, your potato plant will begin to wilt and the leaves will turn yellow. At this point you will need to completely stop watering your plants and allow them to sit for about two weeks. After two weeks, you will simply dump your growing bags or containers out and harvest all of the potatoes. What a great reward for all of your care!

Growing potatoes truly is easy

This method of growing potatoes is so easy that almost anyone can accomplish a great harvest. If you take the time to follow these steps and take care of your plants, you will reap a bountiful harvest. Home-grown potatoes taste so much better than store-bought and your family will enjoy coming up with all of the different potato dish options you will need to make use of your harvest.

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