Patio Roofing Ideas

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There are various ways to enhance outdoor living spaces. Integral to the design plans of many homes is the development of the outdoors as an extension of indoor living space. When doing the design of a patio area you should decide whether it would be an open outdoor space or have patio roofing.

There are a couple of benefits to adding a roof. First, it protects you from the sun during summer and from the rain during the rainy season. Secondly if you are building the patio on the West side of your house, for instance, adding some kind of shading can make a significant difference to cooling your house in summer.

Additional framing will be needed to support the roof. The framing will depend on the kind of materials the roof will be made of. So before planning the roof framing, you will need to decide on the roofing material to be used.

Heavier framing is needed for insulated roofing, for instance. An enclosed all-season patio is another option you may want to consider for maximum benefit. There are, however, various patio roofing choices if you want an open air patio.

If you want something affordable, look for corrugated roofing sheets, which are widely available in various colors. They come in various levels of transparency to fully opaque but generally do allow light to pass through them. You can also go for the colorless ones. The galvanized metal sheets are another type of corrugated roofing. For protective coating, some galvanized metal consists of rusted galvanized sheeting. If you going for the rustic look, this is recommended.

Using salvaged materials should also be considered for unique patio roof ideas. The popularity of using such materials springs from the increasing concern for environmental conservation. You can create artistic output with used gravel screens from gravel pits. Open roofing material and screens can be made from rusted 4×8 sheets. You can create a unique pattern that reflects the overhead roofing material simply by spraying it with a clear sealer.

The pergola roof is another choice if you want your patio exposed to natural elements. A shade is created by the open beam effect, over which you can grow a deciduos vine, which will provide shade in the summer and let the sun through in the winter. Wisteria and grape vines are common choices.

There are many more patio roofing materials that you can choose from. Choose one that you think is appropriate for the design you have in mind. You can consult an expert in patio designing before buying the materials. There are very affordable roofing options if you have a tight budget but still want to maximize the use of space through creating an outdoor living space.

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