Sea buckthorn oil – The medicinal uses of the sea buckthorn oil

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The sea-buckthorn oil is an oil extracted from the pulp or seeds of the sea-buckthorn fruit, commonly known as the seaberry. The plant is native to most of Europe and Asia but is mostly cultivated in China, which is the largest producer for both the sea-buckthorn oil and fruit. It is very thorny and dense and can thrive in harsh conditions with little water.The sea-buckthorn oil is somewhat expensive due to the fact that it is difficult to harvest from the berries.

The numerous thorns on the berries makes it difficult to effectively extract the oil from and even with new machinery, its extraction process is still inefficient, leaving back about 50% of the oil wasted as berry residue.

Although expensive, the harvested oil is extremely nutritious and rich in
minerals.The berry itself is nutritious and can be eaten raw, but most of the nutrients are concentrated inside the oil of the berry. It has one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C compared to other naturally occurring fruits and has an unusually high amount of carotoneids. Carotoneids are powerful antioxidants which help prevent damage from free radicals, which is thought to accelerate the aging process and is also vital in many physiological functions. All these components that are in the sea-buckthorn oil are essential to maintaining a healthy skin.

The Medicinal Uses Of The Sea Buckthorn Oil

The oil is used for a multitude of purposes today because of its nutrient-rich content. It has been used as a traditional medicine to treat various skin conditions like sores, cuts and ulcers and as a natural way to combat acne. It works by killing the bacteria that causes acne and providing them the minerals needed to heal quickly which prevents acne scars from forming.  It is often added into skin care products like acne treatment creams, anti-aging creams and skin lotions as an active ingredient. Due to its natural ability to absorb ultraviolet rays, the sea-buckthorn oil is commonly added to sunscreens as well.

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