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The California Milk Processor Board (the people who brought us the “Got Milk?” campaign) has been really on a mission to destroy, what they call, “imitation milk.” SERIOUSLY! The non-stop commercials (and I don’t watch TV that often), and online ads trying to make soy milk, or other dairy alternatives, look or seem scary need to stop. I don’t think anyone is falling for them, and they just all seem ridiculous.

First, there was the lame commercial about the boy who got scared by his mother shaking the carton of soy milk. I guess we need to shake the living daylights out of those cartons, because that actress was shaking that carton like she was trying to kill it. As this blog points out, real milk also needs to be shaken. Not sure what their point is with this commercial.

Lately, the commercials have turned to scaring people due to the number of ingredients in soy milk or other milks. They do it in sort of a game show/mocking way. I guess the inclusion of vitamins (A, D, C, B6 etc) is something to fear, especially because cow milk doesn’t EVER have added vitamins (rolling my eyes).

The point is, I find it completely ridiculous that this advocacy group, working for dairy farmers and milk producers, is practically grasping at straws trying to convince consumers that alternative, plant-based milks are too scary and you had better stick to milk from cows. Milk from cows, by the way, usually contains puss and blood, cholesterol and a generally gross smell. GAG!

For those of you who LIKE  Fresh Spinach on Facebook, you’ve already seen this little graphic I posted that sort of answers these ridiculous ads:

Does anyone know the source of that? I only found it on Facebook.

Keep this in mind when these commercials come on your tv. Tony and I always look at each other and mock the commercials. “Oh my gosh! They put VITAMINS in my alternative milk?” I hope the obvious liberties the dairy folks are taking are indicative of a larger movement of the American (and world!) population away from harmful dairy products.


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