Spinach Smoothie – Addition to your Diet!

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I have been a nutritionist for many years, as well as a fitness trainer. I am always looking for the best ways to make a healthy smoothie or meal, however I have recently heard about a smoothie that contains some very odd ingredients. I suppose the easiest way to describe this smoothie would be a “Spinach Smoothie” weird I know. However I have not only heard good things about this smoothie with its nutritional value, I have also been hearing some things about its wonderful taste.

I know what you are thinking, how could spinach… ground up and put into a drink with some added milk and some other ingredients be a delicious thirst quencher? That seems like something I would have to shove down my throat in order to completely finish. Well the way this friend of mine described it (also a nutritionist) he adds many different additions to the drink that really make up for it being “bad in taste.” So out of curiosity I had him examine my current diet plan and tell me exactly where he thinks this drink should be added. Well this is what he did; he actually added it to my current breakfast (6 egg whites and 2 slices of whole wheat toast) in order to get more of a well-balanced breakfast.

Here are the things that you will need for your spinach smoothie…
· 2 cups of spinach leaves
· 1 banana
· 1 orange
· 1 cup of blueberries
· 3 tablespoons of honey
· 1 cup of crushed ice
· Filled about 50% with milk

Okay, suddenly this recipe doesn’t seem quite bad anymore right? It is getting better, so let’s begin discussing the nutritional value here. Spinach leaves are the number one food when it comes to vitamins and minerals. It has more density in nutritional value than any other natural food. The banana gives you the necessary potassium that your body needs in order to continue healing after hard workouts. The orange is mainly for taste, however there are also many different vitamins and minerals in oranges as well. The cup of blueberries; blueberries to me is the most powerful fruit available, with 21 carbohydrates per cup it has some serious effects on your energy level.

The 3 tablespoons of honey do the same thing as the blueberries, except the honey will get you up and running for the day. So you do not have to slowly wake yourself, I use honey on a daily basis to replace coffee. I do not like putting coffee in my system and I believe there is no need when you have natural sources such as honey.

The crushed ice is mainly for texture, and the milk is for protein!Of course you should have this shake along with some breakfast or dinner because it is not a good source of protein, perhaps if you decided to add a bit of protein powder this could quickly change? I use additional strawberry or chocolate whey protein to really give my shake some extra flavor.

Thats how to make the perfect spinach smoothie.

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